Why Crowdfunding?

I’ve had many people ask why I have chosen crowdfunding as my pathway to self-publishing. After two years researching the history of crowdfunding, and examples of successful campaigns, I made the decision that this would be most beneficial to my publishing goal for several reasons. They are:

– It is a wonderful marketing tool.
– It provides an opportunity to get my name and brand out into the big, wide world.
– It allows exposure to many networks.
– It encourages me to continue commitment and dedication to my project.
– It enhances relationships with those supporting my project and being part of its progress.
– It allows me to see my book published in a more efficient time-frame.
– Its challenges are motivating and rewarding.
– It’s fun!

A little about crowdfunding…

Crowdfunding sites provide a platform for project creators to present ideas (such as products like books, albums, artworks, inventions, films etc). If the audience loves what they see, they will support it by pledging money. In return, project creators offer rewards matched to the level of funding provided. For example, should a supporter pledge $25 to my project, they will receive a signed copy of the published book, postage included. Pledge amounts can vary from project to project.

The project creator sets a target amount to be raised as well as a set time-frame to raise the funds. For my project, the target is $6000 in 50 days. That’s equivalent to five ‘pre-order’ copies of my book per day (@$25 per pledge).

During the campaign progress, supporters are updated and given an ETA of their copy of the finished product. It is vital that project creators maintain contact with their supporters throughout the journey.

So, when does it kick off?

All going to plan, Saturday 19th July. Once the project is finalised with Pozible (crowdfunding site), I will post links for those wishing to support. I will also be starting up a Facebook page dedicated to the project and progress of the campaign.

Details to come…

Good night y’all!

Renee x

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