My reply letter to six-year-old Tommy

Earlier this week, I was delighted to read a letter prepared by Tommy, aged six, and his mother, Jen. Tommy asked me many wonderful and insightful questions about Digby’s Moon Mission. It was such a special letter to receive! Click on the image below, to read Tommy’s letter.


My Letter to Digby’s Author Renee Price, from Tommy aged 6

Here’s my reply to you, Tommy!

Dear abcTommy,

Thank you for reading my book and for your thoughtful letter. You have asked me some fantastic questions (some I’ve never been asked before)!

I thought it was funny to catapult the food to the moon, too. I like writing stories that make readers giggle, especially when the things that happen are a bit silly, like feeding the moon. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could build a sling-shot so huge, that it could actually get food to the moon? If the moon isn’t hungry, it might make a good feast for astronauts or moon aliens.

Digby has a big imagination. I think after all the cooking and mess he and his friends made, he really hoped the food reached the moon to make it full again. Maybe when he’s a bit older he’ll find out how the moon really changes.

The food looks delicious, doesn’t it? I agree with you. Those muffins make me hungry every time I see them, especially the choc-chip ones. Digby’s illustrator, Anil Tortop, sent me a message one day, saying that creating the illustrations for the book made her SO hungry! I love that Digby’s cat, Winston, keeps trying to eat the food too, especially the fish!

Digby’s Mum is certainly used to the mess he makes with inventions and ideas to make or fix things. Sometimes, she cleans up the mess, but she tries to stop herself and teach Digby and his friends to clean up after themselves. She does like saying, “Oi!” a lot. It’s her favourite word.

Yes! Tommy’s tomato sauce would be a great thing to sling up to the moon. Imagine what it would look like travelling all that way at super-speed! I like your suggestion of rice for me. It sure does start with ‘r’, just like Renee. If it got too jumbled and mumbled though, I would try raspberries. They’re yummy!

Digby will be in another book, coming out early next year! I can’t give too much away just yet, but I can tell you it has something to do with music this time. I’m pretty excited about showing it to everyone, and Anil is creating awesome illustrations for it! I LOVE your story suggestion about Digby racing to the moon and stopping at different places along the way. You are very clever! I might need your help with Digby stories in the future.

Digby is a made-up person, but he’s a lot like my eldest son. My son is five now, but when he was about three years old, we talked about the moon being too thin one night and he suggested giving it something to eat and drink to fill it up. He gave me the idea for the story so I wanted Digby to be like him. I also wrote the book for kids around his age, so if kids from three to six or seven years old like it, that’s great. I hope big kids like it, too!

When I finished the book I was so excited. I’ve always loved writing stories so when this one became a real book that other people could read, I felt proud and even had some happy tears! My kids were excited, too. The last time I read it was a couple of weeks ago to some primary school groups. When I ask my own kids if they want me to read it to them they say, “Not again!” I think one hundred million times is probably too much for their ears. They like lots of other books, too.

I had so much fun replying to your letter! I loved the photos of your reading journal and watching AND reading Digby’s Moon Mission. That was super-duper cool!

Renee (and Digby!)

P.S. Your Mum will be the first to know about my next book. 🙂 I hope you like it.


Tommy, I had such fun writing my reply. I hope I’ve answered all of your questions, and that you enjoy my letter as much as I enjoyed yours!

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