I am overwhelmed by the positive feedback given to my shout-out on Facebook. Who’d have thought a ‘show of hands’ post would attract such a supportive response? Thanks, times a million to all that expressed their interest in supporting my upcoming crowdfunding campaign, and thank you to all my new followers on here. You are wonderful.

I have had my story edited and am awaiting manuscript assessment. Following this process, I will be ‘e-meeting’ with the book designers to talk costs and time involved with the book’s creation. I am also researching fees required to acquire an ISBN and barcode for the book, printing and distribution costs and the possibility of having an e-book available (although this may come further down the track). After adding postage and merchandise needed for the crowdfunding campaign, I will then have a figure that I need to raise to make this dream a reality.

In the meantime, I am preparing my project pitch. It will include information about my book and it’s production, with a short video explaining my project and how the public can help. It will also detail the gifts given if pledging to my project, with the main gift being a signed copy of my book. It’s all or nothing. If I don’t raise the required funds in the specified time-frame, the project is considered unsuccessful and pledges will not be processed. Promotion is the key. Word of mouth is vital. As are the lovely advantages of social media! 🙂

The ride has just begun. Thank you for sharing it with me.


Renee x

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