Dare to dream

My goodness. I’m lost for words. We are six days into the crowdfunding campaign and already 50% funded. I’ve had friends and family spreading the word. I’ve had various Facebook pages and groups share my project. I’ve had beautiful messages of encouragement. Wow. The word grateful doesn’t begin to explain it. I’m humbled, touched, inspired, comforted. Thank you all.

I want to include a particular message on this post, from a very kind supporter:

“I feel privileged to be able to help out. I think what you are doing is a great inspiration to anyone who has a dream and feels like it out of reach. There is always a way if there is belief, and from the looks of things, you have a lot of people believing in you. I know you will be very successful. :)”

This says it all.

This journey has been a long, emotional one. Positives and negatives, confidence and doubt, elation and sadness. Even before I put pen to paper for my first draft. To read this message and the hundreds of kind words others have shared with me, puts everything into perspective.

Dream. And dream big. With belief, anything is possible! (Or should I have typed ‘pozible’?) 😉

Keep sharing the Digby love!

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