Digby’s Moon Mission

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A children’s picture book about a curious boy and his quest to fix the dark.

One night, Digby Fixit wakes to find his room in too much darkness!
Discovering the moon in a frightful state, he plans a clever mission to bring back the light of night.

Digby’s Moon Mission is a tale of curiosity, commitment and celebration. The engaging story portrays the importance of friendship, working together and embracing imagination. This eye-catching picture book is an entertaining and humorous read for young children and their families, many times over!

digby-18-19 wheeling cart to moon


ISBN: 9780646927718
For ages: 2-6 years
Format: Paperback
Type: Picture Book, 32pp
Publication Date: 1st December 2014


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10 reviews for Digby’s Moon Mission

  1. Vicki

    What a great story and gorgeous illustrations .. Each time you read it you discover something new… Love Digby

  2. Gail Hallinan

    A fantastic book for young and old! It inspires the imagination in its creativity.
    It promotes integration across curriculum areas in that you can use it for
    Literacy, – text type, rhyme, alliteration;
    Maths – counting, days of the week, measurement;
    Science- investigation of the moon;
    PDHPE – food groups, relationships; and of course
    Art – the illustrations are inspiring
    But for just good old enjoyment of reading a favourite book with someone or even by yourself it is certainly worth having on your bookshelf!

  3. Sarah

    This my son (Eli Digby) new favourite book – he thinks it is written about him and every night at bed time when we read it he has to go to the window and “check his dark”
    Thanks Renee – what a gorgeous book !!

  4. Ann

    An incredible book, enjoyed by the whole family. What a truly colourful adventure to share with Digby each night. A well thought and articulated book. Thank you for the creativity and imagination. 🙂

  5. Alyssa

    Digby was a winner on the first night but then Mr. 4 couldn’t go past his favourite ‘The Waterhole’ and we were back to reading that every night (he gets a kick out of how clever the illustrations are and finding all the hidden animals). But tonight, I walked in to his room and he had Digby on his bed ready to go. After we read it (and he burped extremely loudly at the end) he said ‘Mum this is the best book ever now ok?’ That’s a big win for Digby

  6. Adam

    I really enjoyed Digby, the story and illustrations work together beautifully. Awesome!

  7. Nicole

    Wow…We have a new favourite book in our house. Mr A reads this daily (at least three times) And now has it memorized so he can recite it at any given time. Very cute! Awesome book, beautifully illustrated. If it can capture his attention for more than 5 minutes it is a definite winner. We even do a little improv of our own. Love it. Thanks Renee!

  8. Jenny

    Where to start. Digby’s Moon Mission is fun, educational, and page turning. From the first reading, my boys were captivated by how Digby would solve his problem. My younger child ‘read’ what happened next by looking at the amazing pictures, while my older child found words he can recognise and attempted to sound out unknown words.
    There are so many benefits to this book that I needed to create my own Educational Review and Activities linked to Digby’s Moon Mission. Find them below http://jengraham71.wordpress.com/category/digbys-moon-mission/

  9. Kim (verified owner)

    What a great book, Digby’s Moon Mission. A great storyline with awesome illustrations.

  10. Jemma

    Such a fun and entertaining book full of playful illustrations. I have read it to all the children I nanny for and they love it!

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