It’s 1:15am and I know I should be trying to sleep. Instead, I’m excitedly writing the first post on my new blog – a term that is still a tad foreign to me.

For many years, I have wanted to create for kids. I have a vision (that I shall share in due course) and a growing desire to work towards making this vision come to life.

Today, I started a Facebook page titled, Create It Kids. Parents and carers are encouraged to share their creative ideas so that families can enjoy learning, making, exploring and creating together. As parents, we all know that sometimes activities to occupy our young ones can be few and far between. I hope that with Create It Kids, the imaginative possibilities will be endless!

My son is my muse for creating the page and my ‘vision’ (as you will see in the photo posted earlier). Children are free, open-spirits, that us adults learn from every day. He painted this picture at two years of age – not a care in the world, just freedom at his finger tips. I want to embrace this attitude with my creations.

Please stay tuned…


Nee x