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Why do I create?

I have always loved being creative. Music was (still is) my main driving force, but I also like to dabble in creative writing and some craft here and there. These hobbies always remained at that. Hobbies. I’m not sure if that’s because I liked them being part of my life and not ‘being’ my life, […]

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Parents Unite!

Well, I am feeling very positive about Create It Kids’ Facebook page. On its second day of operation, we have moved from 40-ish likes to 158, with many wonderful parents writing in to share their creative ideas for children. If you would like to follow this page, please visit – Here, you will find […]

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It’s 1:15am and I know I should be trying to sleep. Instead, I’m excitedly writing the first post on my new blog – a term that is still a tad foreign to me. For many years, I have wanted to create for kids. I have a vision (that I shall share in due course) and […]

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